From a fellow Fringer. Her show looks most intriguing.


I know, here we are almost a full week after opening night and I haven’t written a single word on this blog about how the show went. Truthfully, I’ve been too high all week. No, no…not that kind of high. I’ve been up on a cloud all week replaying the show over and over again in my head and I’ve…

Meet AISLE SIX’s cartoonist, Frank Page

Meet Frank Page: cartoonist extraordinaire of Bob the Squirrel. I’m pleased to announce Frank has also done a series of exclusive drawings of Walt and Hondo that will play an integral role in Aisle Six. To wit: 

Just what does this drawing represent? Well, you’ll just have to see the show to find out. won’t you. Notice the lack of interrogative. You WILL have to see the show. OR ELSE YOU SHALL EXPIRE WITHOUT EVER KNOWING THE MEANING OF THIS DRAWING. MWA HA HA.

Yes, surprises aplenty await you in the world of the Super Duper Store. In the meantime, you’d do well to check out Frank’s work. His other site is Squirrelosophy. He was also featured in a recent MTV lineup of webcomics not to be missed, which is suitably bad-ass to impress even the likes of Hondo.*

Frank and his cartoons can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

*(Although I must ask, where is Pibgorn in that lineup?)

I believe this was my earliest attempt at a poster for Aisle Six. A prehistoric effort. But I still like it.

I believe this was my earliest attempt at a poster for Aisle Six. A prehistoric effort. But I still like it.


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Above is the complete listing of shows going up as part of PortFringe 2013, in Portland, Maine. Clearly, Aisle Six is in some good and varied company.

Take a moment to scroll through the list — the lineup looks pretty darned intriguing. “Depression: The Musical” caught my eye, as did “Jacob.” I don’t know either of the shows — they just piqued my curiosity based on pitch alone.

Among other things, PortFringe is noteworthy for being New England’s ONLY theatre fringe festival. Kind of amazing if you ask me. We need to get one in Boston. Either way, very glad PortFringe is here.

Also, I’m happy about it because the idea for Aisle Six might never have come to me had I not worked in one very particular grocery store located right outside of Portland. So to have its debut there seems fitting. I like the feeling that the world - or at least a supermarket - has come full circle.

Incidentally, Aisle Six is being paired on its performance night with a production of Jean-Paul Sartre’s “No Exit” (directed by Benjamin Row, whose theatre company, Conscious Collective, can be found here). I found the pairing of A6 with No Exit weird and wonderful for a couple of different reasons. First of all, No Exit was the last straight play I performed in. Also, it and Aisle Six share the theme of people being stuck in a small hellish spot forever.

Not that I’m comparing myself to Sartre here, mind you. For one thing, my play has a WAY cooler puppet.

How’s it Indiegoin’?

If you’d take a moment to check out my crowdfunding campaign for AISLE SIX, I’d be much obliged. By contributing just $10 you would make an enormous difference to me and my creative colleagues, none of whom should work for free. Please take a moment to click on the link below and consider giving. Thank you!

Otherwise, please share far and wide!

Meet the Aisle Six Characters


Job: Trainee at Super Duper Store

Life goal: Trainee at Super Duper Store

Finds life: Unbearably exciting (think SpongeBob)

Quest: To save the Super Duper Store from the curse on Aisle Six that spells its ruin

Believes: Her long-lost mother may in fact be the beautiful “Happy Voice” on the store speaker

Taste in men: Cute little nervy fellows with superhero complexes and deep neuroses

Sneakers: Pink; large; untied

Quote: “Just call me Girl of Destiny / on track to save the team / Lick the curse and find true love / and know my mom and live my dream.”

If you can consider giving even $10 to Aisle Six’s production fund, please do. It means artists won’t have to work for free, and believe me, they are giving their all. Click on the link for more info, and if you have any questions, please contact me (Nicola) at

THANK YOU! And remember, we’re all in this together at the Super Duper Store. ;)

Meet the Aisle Six Characters



Role at Super Duper Store:

Full name: Mustache Manager.

Son of: Hugo and Sadie Manager.

Turn-ons: Paranoia; human sacrifice; bowling down the aisles using employees as pins; M&M’s (plain or peanut, not picky)

Turn-offs: Workplace harmony

Favorite punching bag: Walt

Eco-friendly initiative: Fills the hand sanitizer dispenser in the employee break room with a truly vile substitute, but you’ll have to see the show to find out.

Quote: “Ahhhh, yes. Now I feel ready to GREET THE DAY!!!!”